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PhD position in “Health evaluations in practice: An ‘enhancement’ of the EQ-5D using the SEH model”

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Within current ‘efficiency research’ little or insufficient research has been done into the dynamic nature of efficiency - for example: learning experiences of healthcare professionals when implementing new technologies; or differences between strictly controlled settings (clinical research) versus the use of resources in everyday practice.

Little attention is paid to the further development/ optimisation of the current set of instruments. Although there is a lot of criticism of the EQ-5D, researchers are more interested in the actual application of the EQ-5D than in the theoretical and conceptual background. The widespread application is partly based on the "for lack of a better option" argument. This invites further refinement.

Bloem and Stalpers (2012) developed a model to map the general health experience of individuals and its determinants (Subjective experienced health – SEH model). This is a validated instrument and is anchored in a theoretical framework. It also contains clear conceptualisation and operationalisation.

Is it possible to improve/adjust the EQ-5D to be able to overcome the aforementioned problems, using the SEH model? This forms the basis for this PhD project.


In this PhD project, the EQ-5D is enhanced with the SEH model to be able to assess/measure the health status of individuals in an ecologically valid manner in daily clinical practice. (Note: As a basis for, among other things, further economic analyses.)

It has been decided to test the developed model within a population with a chronic disease (Crohn's disease) and an oncological condition (to be determined). The PhD student will have the option of using an existing panel. The "registry" to be joined for oncology is still being decided on.

As "chronic disorders and work" are receiving increasing social attention, the model will (also) be examined in individuals who work and have Crohn's disease and individuals who have an oncological condition.



The PhD candidate will conduct the following tasks during his/her four-year appointment:

  • The PhD candidate must conduct a literature research, qualitative research and quantitative research with Dutch patients (in Dutch hospitals)
  • The Phd candidate must write at least three English-language publications and at least two extra chapters. As the literature study provides a theoretical foundation for the "new instrument", it is recommended to make a publication of this in addition to the empirical studies/publications.
  • The PhD candidate must complete and defend his/her PhD dissertation within the official appointment duration of four years

Who are you?

The applicant must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The applicant must hold an MSc, MA or MPhil degree in a relevant discipline from an accredited university, preferably in the fields of Health or medical psychology, Health sciences or economics, Biomedical Sciences, or related/similar studies
  • The applicant must have obtained excellent results in his/her University Master program.
  • The applicant must be strongly motivated to conduct scientific research that has broader practical/societal relevance
  • The applicant must have certain research skills and experience with both qualitative and quantitative research methods and data analysis tools.
    • Conceptual and analytical thinking - in order to be able to deal with the literature study
    • Interviewing skills, knowledge of different qualitative techniques and data analysis methods
    • Knowledge and experience with multivariate methods and techniques is definitely an advantage in order to be able to conduct empirical research, analyse data (SpSS) and report
    • The applicant is interested or willing to immerse him/herself into HTA (Health Technology Assessment)
    • The applicant needs to be proficient in spoken and written English (publicatrions) and Dutch (qualitative research)  
    • The applicant must have the ambition to publish in highly ranked international peer-reviewed journals.

Beside this the applicant is prepared to explore the topic from different paradigms and disciplines. The applicant dares to expose the established order; is not afraid of the "unknown" and is open to a large number of perspectives



Who are we?

Nyenrode is a small-scale private university, founded in 1946 for and by business, with an international orientation. Nyenrode offers degree and executive education programs in business, management, accountancy and controlling, and conducts research in these disciplines. The mission of Nyenrode is: ‘Serving society by shaping responsible leaders’.


Center for marketing & supply management

The PhD trajectory comes under the chair: “Subjective health experiences in a person’s life cycle”. Chair holder prof. dr. Sjaak Bloem is the promoter (general management) and prof. dr. Edward Groenland is the second promoter.

NB. prof. dr. Mart van de Laar (Technical University Twente), prof. dr. Patrick Jeurissen (Radboudumc), dr. Michel van Agthoven (Janssen), and dr. Frank Hoentjen (Radboudumc) are involved in this PhD project and will be co-authors. The PhD student can contact the aforementioned colleagues regarding specific questions. For each topic (chapter), we will look at who will be additionally involved in the supervision (alongside the regular supervision).


Nyenrode PhD School

The appointed PhD candidate will enroll in Nyenrode’s PhD program. The PhD program at Nyenrode offers a number of courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced PhD level. The PhD school hosts a yearly PhD conference and organizes several social events for its PhD students each year. As part of his or her enrollment in this program, the PhD candidate must successfully complete several mandatory courses and workshops including but not limited to ‘philosophy of science’, ‘academic writing skills’, ‘research data management’ and ‘scientific integrity’. In addition, the appointed PhD candidate will need to successfully complete three research electives. Within three months after one’s appointment, the PhD candidate will, in consultation with one’s PhD supervisor/supervisory team, complete and submit a training and supervision plan. Yearly progress talks with the principal supervisor/supervisory team will take place and progress forms documenting progress and goals will be submitted to the PhD school. 


What do we offer?

The PhD project is a salaried position, which means that the appointed PhD candidate is employee (promovendus) of Nyenrode Business University. Salary and benefits are in accordance with the collective labor agreement. In addition, a holiday allowance, end-of-year bonus, and a generous number of vacation days are part of employment conditions. The accepted candidate is appointed on a full-time basis for a duration up to four years, starting with a 18 month appointment. The PhD position is intended to start Q1 2020.



We would like to receive your application package, consisting of:

  • curriculum vitae;
  • one-page motivation letter;
  • two recommendation letters;
  • courses taken at University Master level including list of grades;
  • (copy of or) link to your MSc thesis;
  • copy of your Academic Master's degree;
  • scan of the identification page of your ID.


In addition to the formal requirements, the selection will be based on interview(s) with the principal supervisor, s.bloem@its.jnj.com . Should you have any questions about Nyenrode’s PhD School, you may contact Dr. Melanie De Ruiter, Director PhD School (email: phd@nyenrode.nl).


Screening of applications begins immediately and will continue until the position is filled.


Acquisition regarding this vacancy is not appreciated.





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